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The variable rounder from bmTEC gently shapes your dough pieces – even very soft (organic) doughs – into the desired form. You determine the number of rows in which your products pass through the rounder, as well as the contact pressure, number, speed and direction of the knitting strokes. Our rounders are designed to meet the requirements of your products.

Like all our line modules, the rounder is mobile and easily integrated into the entire line by means of a quick-locking and locking system.

After use, the rounder with its easily removable knitting cups can be cleaned quickly and efficiently.

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More Information

  • Working width 800 mm
  • Infeed belt with alignment unit before knitting
  • Knitting belt as intermittently operated, structured conveyor belt
  • Knitting speed & number of knitting cycles adjustable
  • Cup carrier (with pre- and post-knitting cups) exchangeable
  • Mobile stainless steel frame with brake wheels and locking spindles
  • Control via SPS of the complete line
  • Operation via touch panel of the complete line
  • Working direction from right to left, operating side in running direction on left side
  • Control cabinet for electrical components on the rear side of the machine
  • Other working widths possible
  • Fat application system for “Rosenbrötchen”
  • Cups available for different weight ranges (depending on dough)
  • Cup carriers available for different numbers of rows
  • Additional stamping function
  • Interchangeable tools for stamping options
  • Special designs possible
Dimension Deviations possible for individual special designs !
Soft Round System 1 pre, 1 post knitting cups row 2 pre, 2 post knitting cups rows
Working width 800 mm
Hight (H) 1.950 mm 1.900 mm
Lenght (L) 1.000 mm 1.980 mm
Width (B) 1.410 mm 1.600 mm
Capacity (Circular knitting) up to 12 cycles/min
(e.g. 3,600 pcs/h in 5-row operation)
up to 20 cycles/min
(e.g. 6,000 pcs/h in 5-row operation)
Experience from a baker:
The big advantage over a drum rounder is that I can run much softer doughs in the cup rounder and adjust the machine perfectly to my wishes. For example, I can turn the “Rosenbrötchen” back a bit, set them down on a floured plank, store them at about 4°C, cook and bake them. This way, I get great torn-open bun crusts that my customers love.

Your benefits

Forming of square dough pieces into round ones
Ideal line utilization due to high flexibility
Good knitting result even with soft doughs
Ideally suited for the production of "Rosenbrötchen"

Optimize your bakery and increase your efficiency!

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