Our company

Founded in 1999, with the constant ideal of creating a place where employees can develop and manufacture high-quality machines in an inspiring and appreciative environment. All our products are able to be manufactured and used in a holistic and sustainable way, from their creation through to their service at our customers.
bmTEC management: ltr.: Jakob Wapler, Kurt Wapler, Benno Wapler

Working for the good of all

…and this along the entire value chain: from customers to suppliers, via our employees to our environment, we align our actions to this maxim in order to act in the best possible holistic manner.

For our employees…

we offer a work place with an appreciative atmosphere where they are valued as human beings. Compatibility of family and career and a healthy work-life balance are essential values for us.

Our costomers…

in addition to well-designed new machines and competent consulting on process automation, we also offer lifetime service and spare parts supply – even after 20 years of operation! This makes our machines particularly durable.

Our suppliers…

are our partners with whom we cooperate on fair prices and delivery conditions.

Produced in Bavaria, appreciated all over the world

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Why should your next machine be from bmTEC?

because they are designed to be robust and of high quality. So they are able offer our customers long-lasting benefits.

already on the phone. Our aspiration is to be at your side with our specialized staff from all areas, so that we can offer you a solution unbureaucratically and without long waiting times directly on the phone.

Our service technicians are also active in our in-house assembly. This ensures that they have the necessary detailed knowledge of the respective product at your place.

Should a repair be necessary after all, we are able to get your machine up and running again as quickly as possible thanks to the fast availability of spare parts through our large spare parts warehouse as well as our reliable suppliers.

Since not all dough is the same and we adapt almost all machines individually or develop them specific to your needs, it may happen that there are still minor difficulties during the commissioning. This is no reason to worry, because we stay on it until our machines do their job and you are happy with the result.

“For decades a reliable partner with well thought-out, practicable solutions. ou often think to yourself: another good solution from bmTEC” – Hans Kistenpfennig, Managing Director of Familienbäckerei Kistenpfennig.
“The products are definitely worth their “price” and the service fits.” – Alexander Mayer, Management MayerS Bäckerei-Konditorei
“Excellent service, from ordering to delivery and commissioning impeccable, anytime again!” – Christoph Pass, Managing Director Bäckerei Pass

We are bmTEC

Our location

50 km east of Munich, 50 km north of the Alps our company is located in a rural area in the small village Rechtmehring. Of our 1500m² available production area, we have utilized almost every square meter.