Dough feeding – Proofing

Preportioner above dough divider

Automatic dough feeding to the head machine in defined portions is in any case a great labor-saver and saves time-consuming and strenuous manual work. In certain cases, it is also a significant factor for the subsequent quality of the product.

If, for example, dough rests in the kettle, portionwise feeding into the dough band former ensures a more uniform dough band and thus higher weight and shape accuracy of the dough pieces, especially in the case of particularly soft doughs.

The hopper of the pre-portioner can hold the complete kettle filling, so that the emptied kettle is immediately available for further use. A filling level sensor on the bmTEC pre-portioner measures the filling level in the hopper of the head machine. The dough is portioned into the hopper on demand and continuous operation of the head machine is ensured.

Experience from a baker:
due to the long kettle proofing and gentle pre-portioning, soft doughs, such as French country bread, develop pronounced crumbs and crust formation in combination with a high bottom heat during depositing.

Your benefits

Saves time-consuming and strenuous manual work
High product quality due to gentle portioning
High reliability due to robust star roller technology
High user-friendliness due to ergonomically optimized dough feeding-system

Optimize your bakery and increase your efficiency!

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