Frying units

Frying unit

nstead of the usual heating coils, you will find a highly efficient surface heating at the bottom of the frying pan. This allows you to bring your fat to the right temperature faster, more efficiently and more evenly with significantly less energy, and you can maintain and control this temperature in a well-dosed manner without overheating the fat.

This technology also allows us a flatter design, with which you need 40% less fat and thus also 40% less fat to heat up. That subsequent cleaning is correspondingly easier is obvious.

In the easy-to-use control unit, you can store your recipes in up to 10 programs and start the automatic program sequence with a simple push of a button.

Optionally, our frying unit is also available with only one frying pan.

  • surface heating under the bottom of the pan
  • automatic, tightly closing steam lid
  • draining trolley with mobile base on the side of the frying unit (optionally on the left or right)
  • W-shaped draining tray, 6 rows, removable
  • drip tray
  • fat drain valves under the frying pan
  • control cabinet in stainless steel under the frying pan
  • Control via SPS
  • operation via 7″ touch panel
  • 10 programs, each with up to 5 individual baking times
  • automatic program sequence
  • mobile stainless steel frame with brake wheels
  • turning basket 5 or 4 rows
  • baking basket holder
  • baking basket
  • W-shaped drip tray, 5 or 4-row, removable
  • drip tray flat, removable
  • holding tray for spatter cake machine
  • swing pan 6, 5 or 4 rows
  • proofer cabinet trolley for swing pans
  • adapter for existing swing pans of other manufacturers
Dimensions and connections Deviations possible for individual special designs !
Version FBMT Automatik 36 FBMT Automatik 48 FBMT Automatik 60
Hight (H) 950 mm
Hight (with opened lid) 1.860 mm
Lenght (L) 2.330 mm 2.930 mm 3.530 mm
Width (B) 1.080 mm
Capacity 2 x 20 l / 2 x 18 kg 2 x 26 l / 2 x 24 kg 2 x 32 l / 2 x 29 kg
Heating capacity 2 x 6,7 kW 2 x 8,4 kW 2 x 10,0 kW
Output for 6min backing time ~620 Doghnuts/h ~824 Doghnuts/h ~1.030 Doghnuts/h
Electrical connection
Feed 3 x 400V+ N + PE / 50 Hz via 2 pcs CEE plug (32 A) and 5m cable
Nominal capacity 2x 7,0 kW 2x 9,0 kW 2x 10.7 kW
Experience from a baker:
Since we have been using the bmTEC frying unit, we can use the fat significantly longer. The heating elements outside the frying pan prevent temperature peaks, which noticeably increases the lifetime of the fat.

Your benefits

small amount of fat
reduced energy consumption
low stress on the grease due to surface heating system
easy cleaning

Optimize your bakery and increase your efficiency!

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