After head machine

Cheese sprinkler

The cheese to be sprinkled is manually applied to the feed belt and from there transferred to the sprinkling belt as required.

A special rake roller distributes the cheese to an even, adjustable layer thickness and it falls onto the product to be sprinkled at the end of the belt.

Due to the design, a wide range of different cheese types and varieties can be sprinkled.

Like all our line modules, the cheese sprinkler is mobile and easily integrated into the entire line by means of a quick release and locking system.

  • Working width: 600 mm
  • Feeding belt with manual cheese feeding
  • Conveyor belt for pre-distribution of the cheese & for generation of the layer thickness.
  • Easy removal of the main components without tools.
  • Mobile C – stainless steel frame with brake wheels and locking spindles
  • Sprinkling start / stop via dough detection sensor
  • Control via SPS, operation via touch panel
  • Working direction from right to left, operating side in running direction on left side
  • Cheese recirculation via belt system
  • Alternative working widths possible
Dimension Deviations possible for individual special designs!
Working width
600 mm
Hight (H) 1.650 mm
Lenght (L) 2.050 mm
Width (B)
1.350 mm
Belt height
approx. 950 mm (+/- 25mm)

Your benefits

Excellent sprinkling result of different types of cheese
Fast product exchange
Easy sprinkle amount adjustment
Sophisticated hygienic design

Optimize your bakery and increase your efficiency!

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