Dough feeding – out of fermenting tub

Tub lifter

Even a relatively small number of filled tubs that have to be regularly lifted and tipped in by hand over the upper edge of the hopper of the dough band former represents a considerable physical strain for your personnel in the long run.

An indispensable module in the automated handling of dough tubs is therefore our mobile lifting tipper for tubs.

Stable, robust and tireless, it ensures that the dough is fed exactly as required, depending on the filling level. Especially with particularly demanding doughs, this is important for a uniform dough sheet and, as a consequence, for a high weight and shape accuracy of the dough pieces.

A safety shutdown in the downward movement also prevents damage and accidents if something should accidentally be in the collision area.

  • Load capacity up to 50 kg
  • Suitable for common dough tubs of the base area 40 x 60cm
  • Mobile stainless steel frame
  • Safety pressure plate
  • Level sensor controlled tipping in
  • Low maintenance toothed belt drive
  • Tipping heights 1890, 2030 and 2230 mm
  • Design for dough tubs with other dimensions
  • Adaptable to individual spatial conditions
  • Version with different tipping height
  • Automatic dough pan infeed and outfeed
Dimensions and connections Deviations possible for special designs !
Height (H) at tipping height 1.890mm 2.600 mm
Height (H) at tipping height 2.030mm 2.740 mm
Height (H) at tipping height 2.230mm 2.940 mm
Lenght (L) 1.500 mm
Width (B) 1.050 mm
Electrical connection
Feed 3 x 400V+ N + PE / 50 Hz via CEE plug (16 A) and 5m cable
Nominal capacity 0,75 kW
Experience from a baker:
In daily dough processing, the tub lifter is first and foremost an indispensable aid for me and the employees to reduce physically stressful work. The robust design in combination with the installed safety technology is the best choice for me here.

Your benefits

Reduces physically demanding work
Low maintenance
Space saving

Optimize your bakery and increase your efficiency!

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