Tray handling

Tray handling after panner

With this module, the occupied trays or racks are taken from the output of the panner and fed to a buffer magazine with a lifting and transport system. At this point, your employee only has to dock the rack in the docking station. The full trays are then pushed from the buffer magazine directly into the rack, which can then be removed again immediately and transported, for example, to the oven or freezer.

To complete the automation, it is advisable to add an automatic rack or tray feeder. (For details, please refer to the products for rack or tray feeding).

  • Capacity up to 450 trays / hour
  • Design for tray size 58 * 98 or 58 * 78
  • Holding frame for racks
  • Control via SPS
  • Operation via touch panel
  • Design for alternative tray dimensions
  • Design for racks or peelboards in different sizes
  • Accommodation for alternative number of levels in the rack
  • Special designs possible
Dimensions and connections Deviations possible for individual special designs !
Hight (H) 3.050 mm
Lenght (L) 3.700 mm
Width (B) 3.400 mm
Belt height ca. 820 mm
Capacity up to 450 trays/h
Electrical connection
Feed 3 x 400V+ N + PE / 50 Hz
Nominal capacity 3.5 kW

Your benefits

Smooth automated settling process
Utilization of the maximum capacity of the panner
Increased reliability for an uninterrupted production process
Reduced personnel demand

Optimize your bakery and increase your efficiency!

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