Tray handling

Tray de-stacking and feeding to the panner

A well-known bottleneck in line performance is often found in the area of panning. While your panner, at least if it was built by bmTEC, could technically still pann very precisely much faster, your employee simply does not manage to insert and remove the trays at the permanently required speed.

With the tray destacker and the tray feeder to the panner, you significantly increase the convertible speed at the panner without having to deploy additional personnel.

Your employee simply places the stacked trays on the input position. The stack is then held by the machine and the lowest tray is placed on the positioning belt. This conveys the tray precisely under the panner and, after loading, continues to the operator side of the panner for manual removal, where there is space for up to 2 trays as standard – but more can be accommodated on request.

The use of metal trays also remains possible within this system. The trays can be placed manually on the positioning belt between the destacking magazine and the panner. This precisely conveys each tray under the pannerand, after loading, continues to the operator side of the panner for manual removal.

  • Loading position for up to 20 planks
  • Design for tray size: 600×400
  • Capacity up to 360 trays/ hour
  • Positioning unit for repeated panning down on one tray
  • Additional feeding position for metal trays
  • Outfeed buffer for 2 trays or 1 metal tray
  • Control via SPS of the complete line
  • Operation via touch panel of the complete line
  • Stainless steel frame mobile
  • Design for alternative tray sizes
  • Addition of an automatic tray stacker on the outfeed side
  • Special designs possible
Dimension Deviations possible for individual special designs !
Hight (H)
1.800 mm
Lenght (L)
2.700 mm
Width (B)
1.390 mm
Belt height
ca. 800 mm
up to 360 trays/h

Your benefits

Smooth panning process
Reduced personnel demand
Increased reliability for an uninterrupted production process
Optimal use of line power

Optimize your bakery and increase your efficiency!

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