Dough feeding – Proofing

Interchangeable hopper for Rheon machine

With the right hopper, you can feed your Rheon the entire batch of dough from one kettle for most doughs and then process it without interruption.

Our convenient interchangeable hoppers are mounted on their own mobile racks and designed for quick and easy changeover. So they can be slid over your Rheon with little effort and connected with two clicks. Already, you have the exact matching hopper for each of your doughs and thus always the best possible quality in each of your products.

  • Hopper made of stainless steel
  • Hopper walls with individually removable (for cleaning) non-stick foil
  • Safety light grid at the top edge of the hopper opening protects against tampering
  • Mobile stainless steel frame
  • Plastic hopper
  • Mirror for hopper filling level
  • Automatic hopper lubrication
  • Different tipping heights available as special design
Dimensions and weights for Rheon Twin for Rheon Triple
Hight (H) 2.000 mm 2.200 mm
Lenght (L) 1.200 mm 1.540 mm
Width (B) 1.200 mm 1.045 mm
Capacity hopper 1 (Rheon-Original) 55 l 80 l
Capacity hopper 2
(bmTEC Trichtererweiterung)
215 l 300 l
Tipping height 2.100 mm 2.300mm
Experience from a baker:
Check in advance whether the large hopper we also offer is really suitable for all doughs. If in doubt, the interchangeable hopper can be a useful alternative to switch to the smaller version for delicate doughs.

Your benefits

Extended functionality of the Rheon due to the inclusion of the entire contents of the kettle
Lower labor force attachment
Faster kettle availability
High flexibility and efficiency in processing different and also very delicate doughs

Optimize your bakery and increase your efficiency!

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