Dough feeding – Proofing

Dough feeding conveyor

Our dough feeding conveyor ensures the gentlest of all dough transports to the hopper of the head machine.

The dough feed conveyor takes up the entire contents of your kettle, so that the emptied kettle is immediately ready for use again. The level sensor of the dough feeding conveyor keeps the filling level in the hopper of the weigher always in the optimal range, so that the dough band former can produce a uniform dough band for
best product qualities.

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More Information

The entire dough feeding process runs completely automatically and does not need to be monitored, so that no personnel capacities are tied up after changing the bowels at the kettle lifter.

  • Load capacity on conveyor belt up to 300 kg dough
  • Dough feed controlled by filling level sensor
  • Side walls covered with special foil
  • Stainless steel base frame designed with anchoring possibility in the floor
  • Working direction from right to left, operating side in running direction on left side
  • mirror for conveyor belt filling level
  • deviating tipping / output heights / belt lengths depending on the head machine used
  • deviating load capacity depending on requirements
  • design with distribution belts for feeding of several dough band formers
  • further special designs possible
Other dimensions possible for individual special designs !
Dimensions and weights
Hight (H1) 1.800 mm
Hight (H) 2.280 mm
Lenght (L) 1.450 mm
Width (B) 840 mm
Capacity up to 300kg dough
Tipping height 2.380 mm
Experience from a baker:
Time brings taste, but also requires prudent handling of the mostly sensitive doughs. I have had the best experience with the feeding belt – gentle and efficient!

Your benefits

Gentle dough feeding without mechanical dough dividing
Ergonomically optimized dough feeding with low manpower commitment
Fast kettle re-availability

Optimize your bakery and increase your efficiency!

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