Fryer FB MULTI TALENT Automatic

First step towards automation




• Automated control of the baking process

• Hydraulic turning, lifting and immersing of the bakery products

• Infeed of the dough pieces by means of a tilting pan

• Manual operation with baking basket or automatic operation with turning basket

• Individual settings according to your required fat depth

• Two fryers can be combined in a dual concept - one-man operation


This is how it works


• Start the baking process with the push of a button – the steam cover closes automatically

• At the end of the baking time, an acoustic signal will sound, the turning basket is automatically

extended and tipped over the outfeed trolley with the unloading tray.


Operation via touch panel


• At operator height

• 10 individual baking programmes with up to 5 baking times

• 5 different turning cycles

• Baking programmes can be called up automatically


Fat capacity


• Low fat capacity

• Reduced energy consumption due to the heater located underneath the fat tank

• Outlet for the fat to facilitate complete draining Heater /temperature

• Digital temperature display with heat control

• Fat temperature individually adjustable




  • Dosing unit for quark balls, crullers and other products
  • Pastry filling unit
  • Turntable for sugar and other seeding materials




• Up to 40 % less fat capacity

• Minimal power consumption

• Easy to clean, a bonus for hygiene


Verfahrenstechnik für Krapfenproduktion
Process Engineering for Berliner & Doughnuts >>