Work Tables


Our robust work tables are applicable in a wide range. Table dimensions, table materials as well as conveyor belts are customised according to your requirements. In addition there are deversified setting options for the work table and a variety of shelves.


Table features

  • Preferred width of the work space 400 mm
  • Table length between 2.000 mm and 4.000 mm
  • Work height between 850 mm and 1.000 mm
  • Flour collecting tray underneath the table
  • Mobile frame on lockable castors with additional feet for a steady stand during production
  • Robust design of the entire table
  • Power supply: 230 V


Belt features

  • Conveyor belt optionally adjustable in height, for example to feed a baguette moulder or a conical rounder
  • Hygienic design: stainless steel frame, easy to clean
  • Infinite speed variation


Tray storage

  • Storage facilities optionally integrated in the frame
  • Wide range of tray storage facilities available



Work table accessories


With the selection of accessories work tables can be equipped according to your individual requirements and can easily be retrofitted even after years without any problems.


Tray storage

  • Round bars
  • Singel sheet shelf
  • Moveable tray shelf: used lengthwise or crosswise
  • Retractable


Other storage options

  • Underneath the table, made of bars or singel sheet
  • Underridable (for flour trolleys, etc.)
  • Individual drawers (for troughs, work equipment, etc.)
  • Holder for plastic troughs


Optional accessories


Belt nose:

The retractable belt nose saves space and gives protection to the belt.


Drag net for long-rolling:

Can be positioned at belt inlet or belt outlet.


Height adjustment:

To transfer to croissant winder or conical rounder.


Work surfaces:

The work surfaces on either side of the conveyor belt

can be made from the following materials:

  • Wood
  • Blue Polyethylene
  • Stainless steel


Other finishes are available on request.



Work table accessories