Cooling Zone A-K-S and Glazing Unit

as a link between automatic belt fryers for the perfect finishing of the baked products


Cooling Zone

  • Cooling of fresh pastries down to glazing temperature

  • Output rate adjustable

  • Variable control of the circulating belts
  • Up to 8-pocket transfer of the bakery products

  • Careful cooling without manual handling following the frying process

  • Glazing at constant temperature guarantees good adhesion without runoff
  • Transferring on to trays no longer necessary

  • Suitable for use with all types of coverings



  • Constant temperature; clean and targeted application of glazes

  • Reduction of the time spent on glazing

  • Clean working without spillages or runoff

  • Easy to clean

  • For fine lines or total coverage with: fondant, chocolate, fat glazes, sugar glazes, and others
  • Temperature range: 36°C-75°C

  • Digital temperature control with start-release when the target temperature is reached (no cold glazes)

  • Water bath heating with circulator pump

  • Electronic control of the fl ow speed and the belt speed

  • Fibre curtain or automatic icing swing for multiple decorations

  • Complete stripping of the carrier belts for clean undersides of the bakery products

  • Product reservoirs directly removable/changeable

  • Both belt cassette and collection tank machinewashable

  • Working widths: 40, 50, 60 cm


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