Fryer Continuous FB FFD 600

Fryer system for the production of quark balls, cronuts, cake doughnuts, cruller rings, filled doughnuts




• Control of the speed and/or baking time by means of adjustable baking programmes

• Operation via touch panel

• Flow system for uniform baked products and transport of the quark balls

• Fat pre-warming unit for continuous supply during baking

• Fat level regulation to control the baking processes for turning filled doughnuts

• Digital temperature display with heat control

• Automatic fill level regulation


Fat reservoir and filter system


• Fat container for 330 litres

• Including fat filter system with a filter capacity of 25 litres/min.

• Control via the continuous fryer

• Mobile


Input belt with cloth feeding belt


Dosing unit for quark balls


Dosing piston for different quantities and soft dough


Transport belts


Modular design with changeable transport belts for

quark balls, doughnuts, filled doughnuts, cruller rings, ...


Cleaning trolley


For the removal of the transport belts from the fat tank

in order to move them to the washing area


Sugaring unit




• Easy to clean, a bonus for hygiene

• Minimal energy consumption during the heat-up phase due to heater located underneath the fat tank

• Careful heating of the fat due


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