The process of panning dough pieces on trays or other transport means is one of the challenges of equipment technology. All of the changes that may occur during dough production on a small bakery product line or bread production line need to be aligned so that, at the so-called end of the dough preparation, there is a clean way to get the dough into the oven, the freezer or to another station in an exact and precise manner.



  • Tray sizes 58 x 98, 58 x 78, 60 x 40, 60 x 100 or other sizes on demand

  • Differing lengths of panning

  • Flexible, adjustable speed/panning procedures

  • Drive technology which is also easy for the operator to adjust. We operate at a high speed with servo drive technology

  • Easy and quick change of the discharge conveyor

  • Precise arrangement of the dough pieces on the proofing tray or the conveyor belt

  • Fullautomation is possible by means of a tray transport system


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