one-sided or two-sided


Equipment Features


  • Moistening band with incorporated water bath for moistening the underside of the dough
  • Tipper band with adjustable tip height, to turn the dough pieces 180°
  • Seeding from above
  • Exchangeable seeding material containers
  • Pressure rollers for better adhesion of the seeding material


All current dry seeds and seed mixes can be sprinkled.


  • Variety of seeding material containers for different sized materials
  • Adjustable seeding material quantity
  • The excess seeding material is caught under the conveyor belt and can be scooped back into the container by hand
  • The individual conveyor belt components as well as the seeding components can be removed easily from the device for cleaning.



  • Additional seeding material containers
  • Seeding material re-circulation on one or two sides
  • Exchangeable bands for soft dough



  • To remove the module, there is a transport trolley, with which the machine parts can be transported for easy washing.
  • The hygienic design guarantees optimum cleanliness

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