Fryer Continuous FB FFD 600

Fryer system for the production of fries




• Control of the speed and/or baking time by means of adjustable baking programmes

• Operation via touch panel

• Fat pre-warming unit for continuous supply during baking

• Fat level regulation to control the baking processes for turning filled doughnuts

• Digital temperature display with heat control

• Automatic fill level regulation


Fat reservoir and filter system


• Fat container for 330 litres

• Including fat filter system with a filter capacity of 25 litres/min.

• Control via the continuous fryer

• Mobile


Feeding belt for fries


Manual infeed of loose products


Drip belt


Removal of the fries by infeed into tubs




• Easy to clean, a bonus for hygiene

• Minimal energy consumption during the heat-up phase

due to heater located underneath the fat tank

• Careful heating of the fat due to individually adjustable heating phases

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