Customized conveyor tables


Transport conveyors to be placed behind a filling station for cream, butter and more fillings. The concept is based on a free-standing conveyor belt with connections for up- and downstream processes.


Belt features (example)


  •  Length 5.500 mm
  •  Working height 900 mm
  •  Width 650 mm
  •  Belt infeed infinite adjustable in height
  •  Belt speed infinite adjustable
  •  Belt drive via SEW gear motor in hygienic design


Additional features


  •  Mobile frame on lockable castors and additional feet
  •  Retractable end stop at the conveyor belt
  •  Scraper with collection tray
  •  Adjustable, double-sided stop bar with infeed section for tray or shape guidance on the infeed side
  •  Rails on both sides to hinge work tables or other accessories
  •  Complete stainless steel design
  •  Adapted wet cleaning
  •  Work surface which can be moved along the length of the conveyor belt

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