Individual Roll Line with Tray Loading and Unloading Robot (Type LR and ER)



Loading Robot (LR) with lifting unit (AE)


• Loading Robot operated via touch panel

• Automatic removal of the peel boards and automatic lifting of the dough pieces

• Performance dependent upon the size of the oven racks/number of peel boards

• Automatic transfer of the dough pieces to the lye application unit


Lye application unit BL MULTI TALENT SEMI AUTOMATIC, incl. cutting belt


• Lye application unit operated via touch panel, which means the lye application unit can also be operated solo

• Conveyor belts can be folded up for cleaning

• Drip off section

• Intermediate belt for cutting the pretzels

• Final turning device for pretzel rolls

• Panning on baking trays 78x58 cm or 98x58 cm or additional measurements available on request


Lye unit


• Lye reservoir 160 L

• 4 lye curtains, individually adjustable and disengageable

• Lye fill-level sensor

• Extendible lye unit, incl. reservoir

• Lye and belt unit completely washable


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