bmTEC snack line for centralised snack production


1. Horizontal/ Vertical cutting machine

for cutting buns & rolls such as


  • Finger rolls
  • Vienna rolls
  • Cut rolls
  • Square rolls


2. Buttering station for


  • Butter
  • Liquid fillings such as remoulade


3. Snack table


  • Available in different lengths, depending on the number of workstations
  • Speed regulated via a potentiometer
  • Shelf trays, drawers, etc. individually configurable
  • Fully washable as the electrics and drives are waterproof against spray-water


4. Snack packaging


    To be combined for each product, see snack packaging example


5. Packing into box


    According to storage and definition of the transport unit


6. Identification/barcode on transport box


    To be combined with the order


7. Storage in cooling unit


    According to the mode of transport selected


8. Order picking


    Single-origin according to the predefined transport units


9. Dispatch/transport


    Verification of the cooling facilities in order to ensure correct freshness


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